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Grnwe specializes in researching & producing kinds of plastic washing & recycling machines. We supplies customers worldwide with high quality machines and recycling solutions.

Products mainly range from PET bottle recycling line, PET flakes recycling line, HDPE/PP recycling line and PE/PP/PO film recycling line to ABS/PS waste household appliances crushing and washing plant. Grnwe also provides professional hydraulic baling machine, It reduces the packing volume and storage space and it's pretty convenient for packing and transportation.

Benefiting from the design capability and mode of modularity, Grnwe have rich experience in customize and optimize the recycling process according to the raw materials and requirements . Therefore the quality and competitiveness of recycled materials have been significantly improved.

Reliable quality, rich experience, professional technology and environmentally friendly, Grnwe's solution is always profitable choice for customers, market and the environment.