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The double Shaft Shredder also called "Shear Type Crushing Machine." Reducing material size by shearing, tearing and extruding. Bring in the Euramerican technology and have remoulded and researched, GRNWE provides high-tech and new desigh double shaft shredder, a reliable equipment in plastic recycling field.



Household waste, industry waste, organic waste, medcial waste crushing, RDF crushing, plastic shredding, dangerous waste crushing, large size waste crushing, waste metal crushing etc, including some mixed materials, such as materials with metal or rock. 



Constituent part of the double shaft shredder.

  ① replaceable blade: Cutting the material

  ② Spacer bush: Countroling the gap of the blades.

  ③ Fixed blade: Proventing material from twining the shaft.



  1、With imported  strong alloying blades.
Using European technology of blades repairing, with fearutes of long working time and low cost of  maintain.
  3、Six size disign of blade inner bore and principal axis suface, mataining the homogeneity of the blade.
  4、Blades are arranged in spiral line, Achieving the high efficiency.
  5、With hydralic auto-feeding system.
  6、The bearing has fourfold seal, provent water and dust
  7、No mesh for the output, improved the shredding efficiency.
  8、With simons PLC system, the blades will reversal automatically when it overload and protect the motor.



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