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All-purpose Crusher


The Plastic bottle label removing machine which researched and developed by GRNWE is use for removing the label of waste plastic bottle such as PET bottle, coke bottle, beverage bottle and so on. With using this efficient machine, traditional recycle industry is getting faster, more efficient, more compact and hands-free. This machine has becoming indispensable equipment on recycling industry. GRNWE’s accurate and professional label removing is the best choice for you.



With long time practicing and technical improvement, GRNWE label removing machine combine advantages of label removing machines in the market, overcome common design flaw.

1. Long use life and durable: 10MM blades (4-6MM on ordinary machine on the market ) 3-4 years usable at least.


2. Low energy consumption: Ensure the label removing rate (up to 98%), GRNWE turn down the rotate speed in case the spin blades break the bottleneck. (On the fact, some cheep machine on the market turn up the rotate speed to increase the removing rate, but it is easily break the bottleneck.


3. High capacity: 800-1500KG/H. Reasonable design structure. More high capacity can be customized for you.


4. Label removing rate: up to 98% (A half blades is workable for New device, by this way the machine can reduce the wastage of blades so that prolong the usable time )


5. Separating rate: Up to 99.5%. GRNWE use new type and detachability suction separator to make the machine able to work at raining day and easy for maintaining. The separated label hardly find the bottleneck.


6. Quality: SIMENS MOTOR, JIUZHOU HP air blower. (every part guaranteed for one year)


7. Blades: 10mm, easy to replace. long working life. Can deal with 2000-2500 ton plastic bottle.



1. LDPE film, agriculture film, PP woven bag, meal bags and so on.

2. HDPE plastic milk bottle, hollow barrel, chemical plastic barrels, tube stock and so on.

3. PET plastic water bottle, plastic coke bottle, edible oil pot and so on.

4. PP polystyrene, ABS, PS and some shell of electric appliance.

5. Some other plastic such as PC bucket, aluminium-foil paper, paper-aluminum-plastics,foam and so on.