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ABS/PS Separator


This is a set of equipment that goes a procedure as collecting, dusting, drying, distributing materials and then sorting them into different categories according to different texture of materials. The equipment can sorting the specific material. For example, the medical wasted HDEP bottle flakes and rubber, the ABS and PS from electric appliances, PET and PVC and so on.


Imported Core device, sorting purity up to 99% (exist random error according to different material), improve the added value of products
Control segmentPLC SIEMENS touching screen, humanism operation interface, all function would be clear at a glance
Less strict requirements for the dimension of recycled materials, it is available for the flakes which dimension is under 20mm.

Extensive sorting range: the equipment is suitable for sorting HDPE/Blown rubber, ABS/PS/submerged PP, ABS/PS metal alloy/PC and so on.

High efficiency: 1000KG/hour (Grnwe also supplies different specifications according to the client)

Dry physical sorting technique, environmental protecting and energy saving, does not produce any waste gas, water and solid matter, no environmental pressure, completely complying with the new environmental laws