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Single-shaft shredder mainly use for crushing material like plastic into small and average pieces. GRNWE Single-shaft shredder equipped with a huge roller and Hydraulic pusher, which guarantee high output. Under coordinate with sharp fixed blades and moving blades and sieve, material will be cut into expected size efficiently. Single-shaft designed by GRNWE assemble bigger roller, which increase the torque power and crushing power. It’s available for crushing bale plastic bottle, can, bucket, case, leftover material, fiberglass, wasted rubber, wasted paper, blanket, bunk, life rubbish, wasted metal and so on.



    ① Cutter               ② Roller

    ③ Fixed-Blades     ④ Sieve

The cutting part was made up by cutter, roller, fixed-blades and sieve. Minimum gaps between cutter and fixed-blade is 0.1mm. After crushing by the fixed and moving blade, fragment will be filtrated by the sieve until its is size small enough to pass.


   1. Easy to maintain: Detachable blade.

2.High Capacity: High power pusher.

3.CE certificate, High quality machine.

4.Available to change the size of the material: Detachable sieve.

5.Low vibration: motor and reduction gears equipped with damping device.

6.Stable gap between fixed and moving blade: integral type roller.

7.Long use life bearings, seal-off bearing design, water and dust proof.

8.Siemens PLC control way, ensure current will not overload and break the motor.

9.Blade and bearing cooling system: in case overheating and break the low-melting device.